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David Morley, a Meditation Bio

For about 10 years I have prayed and meditated.

I pray at least twice a day.  This depends on what is going on in the world and in my life.

I try to meditate every morning for about 30 minutes or more each morning, however I am not that good at getting up so sometimes I have to miss.  I try to meditate in the evenings but I find that more difficult to 'get in to'

I was brought up a Christian (Baptist) but as I got older I didn't take much of an active roll.  This was my starting point when I started looking for a spiritual base.

I have experimented with a few drugs; I was a child of the sixties and in a rock band.  I had the presence of mind to keep away from LSD and the like and kept my recreational drugs to cannabis and alcohol.  I used to be extremely partial to brandy, probably too partial.

I now only have the odd glass of wine with a meal but I don't seek intoxication.

Since I have been getting the hang of the meditation thing a bit I have had visions.  While I am meditating these have been quite deep and have altered and confirmed my beliefs.  Maybe it's just me agreeing with myself, I don't know.  I recently read about the 'Bon' and this seems to explain some of the things I have been seeing.  They explain that the 'soul' is built by the individual but there is a core 'fundamental' you.  This seems to agree with the 'self' anata of Buddhism.  I have to 'hit the button' with my meditation to get visions so they don't happen that often.

In that place between awake and sleep which could be seen as a meditative state I also have visions but these are extremely random and I can't explain them at all.  These I get all the time.

I don't even try to understand the reasoning behind 'why' I get visions.  Maybe it's celestial TV. Maybe my brain is leaking.  Maybe I am going slightly mad. 

I dream but I rarely remember them and from what my wife says I am pretty glad I don't.  It seems that I talk in my sleep and by the sounds of it I am having a bit of a hard time.  From what I say I think it has something to do with the way I was bullied at school.

Since I gained control of a dream when I was a child (it was a flying dream and I had great fun) I always know when I am dreaming (if I remember it).  I have never been able to control a dream since.

I am male, married to a Christian and I am a Buddhist.  I am self employed and have been for most of my life.  I am a musician and writer.  I also dabble in graphic arts.  My mother and father where school teachers and a Baptists.

I have no problem with this being published in full.

David Morley

69 Broomhill Street



Staffordshire    ST6 5JB


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