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The Boycotting of Jhana by IMS

revealed in Correspondence from Marcia Rose,

Guiding Teacher, Taos Mtn. Sangha & The Mtn. Hermitage, February, 2003

February, 2003

Hello Jeff,

This note is to inform you that Taos Mountain Sangha Meditation Center will no longer be listing any Dharma activities in your Southwest Insight E'letter. We have appreciated the service that you have been offering via listing various Dharma activities that are being offered in the Southwest. This has certainly been a worthy and generous gift for many people.

Our reason for choosing to end our connection and association with your website is because of the 'dharma missives' that you began to include as part of your E'letter, and your seeming need to set your'self' up and put your'self' out as a Dharma teacher. I and some of my students (those who occasionally read your missives) at first found these pieces to be kind of a rambling expression of a need for you talk about yourself, so were generously and heartfully accepted, as was what was perceived to be the primary mission of your E'letter -- a calendar listing of Dharma activities in the SW (this aspect of the site very much appreciated, as already mentioned). I personally didn't read any more of your pieces after the first couple of them showed up. I did read what I think was the last one, as one of my students was very concerned about the contents and the way that Dharma practice was being spoken of, and in such a seeming authoritative way.

In this piece, you've written about your practice and your understanding (and substantial misunderstanding) about your practice, as though it is a blueprint for everyone. This is very unskillful, not in fact the way it is, and thus potentially harmful, Jeff. You at this point obviously do not have the breadth nor the depth, nor the balance of practice and insight to put out Dharma writings that project you as an authoritative person on the subject. What you have written in this last letter in the guise of being totally open and putting it all out on the table is very unskillful, and filled with quite a bit of misunderstanding, thus potentially harmful, not helpful for others.

As a Dharma teacher, I must speak up, as I see what you've written causing harm to very sincere, open and dedicated students. I encourage you to please reflect on these comments and strongly suggest that you curtail your personal letters in your E'letter, and just continue with the very fine and worthy service of keeping people informed of Dharma activities. Your abiding interest and devotion to the Dharma is wonderful and appreciated. May your practice and study bring a deepening and clarity of understanding and happiness into your life, and may this serve towards the welfare and the awakening of all beings. Thank you for considering these comments. with all good wishes for you in the Dharma,

Marcia Rose

Marcia Rose-Guiding Teacher

Taos Mtn. Sangha & The Mtn. Hermitage

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