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Tipitaka texts in languages other than English

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Note: Since I am fluent only in English I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these translations. Use at your own risk.
To report errors or to recommend sites to add to this list, please contact me.

Here is a sampling of web sites that offer non-English translations of Tipitaka texts. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Rather, I have selected a few representative sites that offer either a good selection of texts or a rich set of web-links to other sites in that language. Most of these sites offer texts (suttas, essays, etc.) that also appear (in English) on Access to Insight.
[Flag of the Republic of Taiwan] Chinese (Traditional)
» Dhamma Page of Tainan (Hu Shiah) (Lau, Sinh-Lam) offers a growing number of Han-ji (Chinese) translations of suttas and other texts. Also has a mirror of "Access to Insight" in English. [Mirrors: 1.]
[Flag of the Czech Republic] Czech
» Prátelé Dhammy ("Friends of Dhamma") has an extensive library of readings in Czech from the Thai Forest traditions and the Pali Canon.
[Flag of France] French
» Accès au Canon Pali (Michel Proulx) mirrors the sutta collection of Access to Insight in English, and offers a growing number of French translations of suttas and other texts.
[Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany] German
» Tipitaka, der Pali Kanon des Theravada-Buddhismus offers a complete German translation of the Digha and Majjhima Nikayas, plus extensive excerpts from the remaining three Nikayas.
[Flag of Italy] Italian
» Il Canone Pali (Michel Proulx) offers Italian translations of the Dhammapada and suttas from the Majjhima Nikaya.
[Flag of the Kingdom of Norway] Norwegian
» Tekster i oversettelse (Kåre A. Lie) offers a modest selection of suttas and related texts in Norwegian.
[Flag of Portugal] [Flag of Brazil] Portuguese
» Acesso ao Insight: Leituras do Budismo Theravada (Michael Beisert) has a design similar to Access to Insight. It offers an extensive collection of suttas translated into Portuguese, plus links to other Brazilian Dhamma websites.
[Flag of Romania] Romanian
» Studii despre Buddhism (Dan Ignat). In addition to Romanian translations of selections from the » Mahindarama Buddhism e-course, this site offers a handful of passages from the Tipitaka. More are on the way.
[Flag of the Federation of Russia] Russian
» Koleso Dhammy ("Wheel of Dhamma") offers a modest selection of suttas and other passages from the Pali Canon, plus several articles from the pages of Access to Insight.
[Flag of the Federation of Yugoslavia] Serbian
» Pali Kanon (Branko Kovačević) offers a good selection of suttas and other passages from the Pali Canon, plus several articles from the pages of Access to Insight.
[Flag of Sri Lanka] Sinhala
» The Tipitaka (MettaNet Lanka) offers Sinhala translations of large portions of the Vinaya and Sutta Pitakas.
[Flag of  Spain] [Flag of Mexico] Spanish
» Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada A.C. offers an extensive collection of Spanish-language texts.
[Flag of Sweden] Swedish
» Suttor (Kerstin Jönhagen) offers Swedish translations of about 30 suttas. The site's » home page has links to other Swedish Buddhist resources.
[Flag of Viet Nam] Vietnamese
» BuddaSasana: Vietnamese Buddhist Page (Binh Anson) offers the entire Vietnamese translation of the Tipitaka and is regularly revised and corrected for any errors. Also distributes a free CD that includes both the BuddhaSasana website (in Vietnamese; updated monthly) and Access to Insight (in English; updated every six months).
[Flag of The Earth or No-nation] Earth
A good all-around source for international links to Dhamma sites is the » Wikipedia. In particular, look for the box titled "In other languages" in the lower left corner of these pages: » Buddhism, » Theravada, and » Tipitaka.

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