Designed 08-22-05 by Jeffrey S. Brooks,
Copyright 2005 Great Western Vehicle
Individuals are welcome to reproduce this design for noncommercial uses.

10” Filter
10 ft pickup hose
50 micron
screened pickup

25 micron
A Pumping and Filtering Manifold for Recycling Waste Oil for Fuel II
A pumping and filtering manifold for recycling vegetable oil as a fuel for a diesel vehicle II

In this design I decided to simplify the design as much as possible, while still maintaining a functional design. This design is still based upon a water filter from a local hardware store. Instead of using three stages of filtration to get down to 1-micron filtration I decided to compromise on one stage of filtration down to only 50-microns and let the vehicle’s fuel filter take care of filtering down to the factory specification of 30-microns.

Recycled fryer fat comes with a lot of food scrap residue that could quickly clog up a filter, so I plan to put a fine mesh screen on the intake hose that will be dipped into the tallow bin. If an intake pickup screen can be found at 50 micron mesh size, then the filter cartridge could be brought down to 25 microns, and thus below the fuel line filter’s pore diameter. Then the pump will force the oil to flow through the single 25-micron filter, which will remove the rest. The standard fuel filter on a diesel engine is typically filtering down to 30-micron particle size, so it seems unreasonable to filter below that, since it is the spec. used by Mercedes and other diesel auto manufacturers.

The whole manifold would be about 1 foot on each side and could easily be stored in a durable plastic container along with its hoses. The container then could be stowed in the rear of a van or an auto’s trunk (boot). The intake house would only need to be about 10 feet long to accommodate reaching a tallow bin behind a restaurant. The outtake hose from the filter would only need to be long enough to reach the fuel fill door, which is probably about 5 feet.
Design # 2
High volume (24,000 gallon) applications
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The hoses could get incredibly dirty inside and out if there is not a cap at both ends to contain the oil that will otherwise drain off the inside of the hose and all over the vehicle. Dust would also get inside the hose without the caps present.
Design II (inexpensive High Volume)

unit cost
1 1/4” OD high-pressure vinyl tubing (ft)
filter (Culligan HD 950 10 “)
filter cartridge (R25-BBSA) 25 micron
100 psi 30 gpm pump

50 micron pickup screen

PVC fittings

All prices are from nondiscount rural hardware stores