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Heated Fuel Line Dialogs

Extracted Dialogs from vegoil-diesel

Details on heated lines are here.


Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 13:26:49 -0500

From: Andrew Cunningham <liamfoxtrot@g...>

Subject: BioD reactor/WVO line heater, self regulating


I was doing a search on these and found a polymer that the resistance goes up with temperature so it is self-regulating. It stops heating around 150F which would be perfect for heating oil and oil/meths since there is no danger of over heating. It isn't that expensive either. There is one that heats up to 10 watts/ft and costs $6/ft. I was thinking that instead of hose in hose or hose on hose, perhaps one of these would be good for that little extra help. I like the fact that I can't over heat the oil at all. The only problem with a car application is you would need an inverter to get 120 volts.

For use with oil processing (heating to drop out the water) and biodiesel reactor heating it adds the factor of safety that would be beneficial for less experienced experimentors.

One retailer is:


(search around there may be a better price)

Anyone using one of these?


Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 21:40:55 -0000

From: "John Nicholson" <jn@b...>

Subject: RE: Re: 'Engine coolant'/'fuel line' heat exchanger

Bio-power makes a range of fuel line heaters. They can be bought from ...

Bio-power Plymouth, P.O. Box 38, Plympton,

Plymouth, Devon PL7 5YX 01752 345552

info@implosionresearch.com ;


John Nicholson.

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 19:25:43 -0000

 From: "paulhumphries2002" <paul.humphries87@n...>

Subject: Re: 'Engine coolant'/'fuel line' heat exchanger

Managed to get a (little) used VAILLANT COMBI BOILER VCW242E heat exchanger off eBay for less than 10. Quite impressed and it has the 1" & 3/4" BSP fittings. The capacity or either circuit (instant hot water and central heating) is 100ml. I've calaculated I need a max of 150ml per min of oil suitably heated to run my engine. I'm going to do a little "experiment" to see what temp differential it can produce on oil when running with engine coolant at the normal temp.

Paul Humphries.

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:35:14 -0800

 From: Neoteric Biofuels Inc <info@biofuels.ca>

Subject: Re: Digest Number 1103

Thanks for the mention, Daniel.... I'd just like to clarify that the 12V inline heater we sell is called a


Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 16:31:48 -0500

From: "Daniel Barraford" <dmbiii@o...>

Subject: RE: Digest Number 1103

I was misquoted in this thread. I live in NH. I found the Greasel kit to be a good basic kit but adapted it to our much colder weather. I installed a separate Holley fuel pump day one to keep two separaate system. Installed thermostat so fuel pump would not turnm on until veggie warmed up. Instlled stainless steel flexibvle coolant heated coil around filter canister (which used to freeze up). Installed Neoteric vegburner just before injection pump.

With these modifications, car is good to go down to about 0 Farenheit. This winter, installed 110 volt block heater and auxiliary MB circ pump to coolant system. After a couple of hour in the morning for about 40, the whole system is warmed up.

I can drive even short distances with the vegoil on all but the coldest days, i.e 11 months plus. The Greasel kit won't work properly unless modified for the kind of severe cold weather we get in NH, Vt, MI, etc. Great as is for South and mid climes.



Daniel M Barraford III

(603) 776-2488


1080 N Barnstead Rd

Barnstead, NH 03225

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 19:46:16 +0800

From: "warfa" <warfa@a...>

Subject: Re: Digest Number 1103

Jamie, You have already been given advice on the issue of tank heating and the use of coolant, rather than exhaust gas for the heat source. I would advise that it would be preferable to have the heat exchanger tubing welded to the underside of the fuel tank, to avoid any chance of fuel contamination with coolant should an unforseen leak occur. With any external fuel tank, insulation shoulkd be installed if operating at low temperatures.

Please ensure that you prefilter the "solid grease" to 5 micron or better before filling your vegoil tank. I use this method and have not yet needed to replace a fuel filter on my MB300D in 12,000km since conversion. Filtering near the tank is an excellent location, provided that the filter is heated, and a fuel pump is added between the tank and filter. A heated fuel line should be used to deliver the vegoil to the fuel selection valve near to the IP inlet. It may be necessary to install an insulated box to house the pump and filter, to prevent excessive heat loss from these items.

For operator peace of mind, I always recommend using separate fuel pump, filter and fuel lines for the vegoil system, as you can then return to the stock system if a problem occurs. This is especially important if the converted vehicle is your main source of income, or if isolation is a factor.

Are you planning on a looped return line when running on vegoil? It has come to my notice that this choice may defeat a pressure relief valve in some IPs. This could cause IP seal failure due to excessive fuel pressure. The IP which has been advised to me, with this relief valve, is the Bosch IP as fitted to the MB 300D (240D has a similar system). Looping the return may also pressurise the inter injector return lines, which may not be able to take lift pump pressures - long term. I had a Injector return line pop off due to pressure, spraying vegoil all over my hood pad. - not pretty. :(

Tony From West Oz

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 05:47:32 -0400

From: <Ziptar.vegoil-diesel.yahoo@z...>

Subject: RE: Veg oil to diesel mix ??????????

 There are those out there that say they have done it, even with straight VO. I wouldn't recommend it. Everyone that I have come across that has run any sort of Vegoil Blend without some sort of heating of the fuel has had problems. You shold at least consider adding some type of Coolant --> Heat Exchanger. At least the fuel will get hot after the engine warms up.

Have a look here http://tinyurl.com/5gv74  for some heat exchanger info. I used the Audi A8 Fuel Radiator as listed on the page in my VW 1.9 TDI and the fuel got very very hot with it. The Eckes WT also works well as I uderstand it and is faily cheap to make.

However if you want very cheap and good solution. Have a look at Dana Linscott's Free how to file for making a Coolant jacket filter heater. <http://vegoilconversions.netfirms.com/newpage1.htm >For the time an effort it will cost for adding heat, it really doesn't make sense not to add it and risk problems down the road.

Good Luck,



Many thanks to the people of vegoil-diesel for their knowledgeable dialog.

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