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To Purchase CDs of the GWV Archives of Gnosis

Hello friends of the GWV, due to continued requests for a comprehensive commentary on meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi) and a clear understanding of the charismatic phenomena, from personal experience and supported by the Buddhist canon, we have finally succeeded in making the GWV Archives of Gnosis available. It took more than 33 years of daily meditation practice, 3 years in retreat and almost 400 days solo in the wilderness, months in libraries of University Asian collections, and learning the Pali and Sanskrit languages to extract the Buddha's and Patanjali's ecstatic discourses from the stoic and/or mystified filter within which they have been enmeshed.

The GWV Archives of Gnosis covers the topics of meditative absorption (Jhana, Samadhi), and various charismatic phenomena, or the fruits (phala) of the contemplative life such as: energy (kundalini/viriya), Out-of-Body (OOB/Manomaya), spontaneous movement (kriya), Clairaudience (dibba-sota); Clairvoyance (dibba-cakkhu); Mental telepathy (ceto-pariya-ñána); Recollection of past lives (paticcasamuppada); Equanimity (upekkha); Fearlessness (nibbhaya); Freedom from unhappiness and suffering (Asukhacaadukkha); and Knowledge & vision (nanadassana).

These archives are posted to the GWV website for free download. For more convenience they are now available for purchase on a CD. Along with this collection of jhana and gnosis related essays, books and articles, is a complete copy of the Romanized Pali form of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka), which includes a major portion of the Discourses of the Buddha in English translation, as well as several Pali-to-English Dictionaries. We also have the Romanized version of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and in several English translations. You can purchase the text archives at a reasonable price (please see below).

Due to the size of the recorded talks, they cannot be included in the above collection at this time. We have, however, recorded 14 one-hour dialogs on the subject of gnosis and meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi) or the fruits (phala) of the contemplative life. Which were recorded at a recent 10-day Gold Hill Jhana Retreat.  You will find the dialogs were made rich by the questions and comments from the skilled contemplatives who attended that retreat.  This collection of CDs would make an excellent way to hold a 7-day personal retreat, or for the weekly recorded dhamma talks at a sitting group.


The Entire GWV Archive of Gnosis (on 1 CD)         $15

The GWV's entire textual website with its archive of jhana related essays, books and articles, as well as a complete copy of the Romanized Pali form of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) and the Romanized form of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Included is also a major portion of the Discourses of the Buddha in English translation, as well as several Pali-to-English Dictionaries and several English translations of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Jhana/Gnosis Dialogs (1 CD in MP4 format)         $15

14 dialogs on one CD from a 10-day Gold Hill Jhana Retreat, May 2006.  (These files will play on most recent CD players and any computer with the ability to play MP3 format files)

You can receive the two disks above for                 $25

 (Shipping in the USA is included in the price)

Please order by email and pay by PayPal at:

Or, send your order with checks made payable to:

Michael Hawkins
P.O. Box 696
Boulder, CO  80306-0696

Sales of the GWV intellectual resources go to supporting further research, writing and dissemination of the Buddha's and Patanjali's ecstatic dialogs.  Cick donation if you are interested in supporting the work of the GWV.

Jhanasamyutta (SN 34)
"Therein, bhikkhus, a contemplative who is skilled both in meditation that leads to meditative absorption (jhana) and in the attainment of meditative absorption (jhana) is the chief, the best, the foremost, the highest, the most excellent of these four kinds of meditators."
(Bodhi, Bhikkhu trans., Samyutta Nikaya Wisdom, 2000)

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