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The Three Baskets

the Early Buddhist Canon of Literature

The GWV online Tipitaka master directory of translations of the Pali Canon in English, Romanized Pali and Sinhala from 24 translators.

Access to Insight English translations by: Venerables Bhikkhu Bodhi, Acharya Buddharakkhita, Bhikkhu Khantipalo, Ñanamoli Thera, Ñanavara Thera, Narada Thera, Nyanaponika Thera, Soma Thera, Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Phra Ajaan Geoff), and Sister Vajira; I.B. Horner, John D. Ireland, K.R. Norman, and F.L. Woodward. (Last update: 07-23-2005)

The Metta Net Tipitaka in Roman script in the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka series, Sinhala by A.P. de Soyza, English translations by: Sister Upalavanna, T. W. Rhys Davids, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Sister Vajir, Francis Story, A.D. Jayasundere, ânandajoti Bhikkhu, Ven. Buddharakkhita, Ven. Nàrada. (Last update: June 11, 2005)

Vipassana Research Institute entire Pali Tipitaka in Roman script contains the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition.

The GWV Phala Nikaya, the Buddha's Discourses on attainment

PTS "Sacred Books of the Buddhists, Vol. 2" Dialogues of the Buddha,The Dîgha-Nikâya, Translated from the Pâli by T. W. Rhys Davids, London, H. Frowde, Oxford University Press [1899]

PTS "Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 10"The Dhammapada, Translated from the Pâli by F. Max Müller
The Sutta-Nipâta, Translated from the Pâli by V. Fausböll, Oxford, the Clarendon Press [1881]

PTS "Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 11"

The Udâna Translated from the Pali by Dawsonne Melanchthon Strong [London, 1902]

The Debate of King Milinda (Menander), an Abridgement of The Milinda Panha Edited by Bhikkhu Pesala, Printed for free distribution by ASSOCIATION FOR INSIGHT MEDITATION, 3 Clifton Way, Alperton, Middlesex HA0 4PQ, England


Pali to Enlgish Dictionaries

The GWV Contemplative's Pali-English, English-Pali Dictionary (a work in progress), Edited by Jhanananda

Buddhist Dictionary, Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines, by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA

A Pali-English Hypertext Dictionary

Access to Insight Glossary of Pali and Buddhist terms

Andy's PaliWords, a Pali-English Dictionary that is based upon the Buddhadatta Dictionary. Buddhadatta, A.P. (Ambalangoda Polvatte, (1887-1962) ? Concise Pali-English Dictionary," U. Chandradasa De Silva of Ahangama, Colombo Apothecaries Co. Ltd. 1957

Andy's PaliWords, a English-to-Pali Dictionary in webpage

Early Buddhist & Pali Literature Resources

the GWV Pali Language Resource Guide for the Study of the, Tipitaka, Pali Language and Literature

A Glossary of Key Buddhist Terms and Concepts

A Buddhist Timeline

The original language of the Buddha and his teachings (suttas/sutras)

"Exposing Translator Bias in the translation of Buddhist Literature, as revealed in a comparative analysis of 24 translations of Dhammapada Verse 372."

Beyond the Tipitaka, A Field Guide to Post-canonical Pali Literature by John Bullitt

A Guide to Learning the Pali Language and access to Pali Fonts by John Bullitt

BuddhaNet's Buddhist Studies Links


A Critical Analysis of Buddhism


General Dhamma/Dharma topics


The Literature of Ecstatic Buddhism

What is Jhana and Ecstatic Buddhism? (September 19, 2004)

The GWV Ecstatic Buddhism & Jhana Resource Guide

Jhana, the Joyful Home of the Way. Understanding the meditative absorption states (jhanas) and their associated phenomena (phala) within the Buddhist canon. by Jhanananda (Jeffrey S. Brooks)

The Jhanas By Ajahn Brahmavamso

A Honed and Heavy Axe: Samatha and Vipassana in Harmony by Chandako, Ajahn

A Swift Pair of Messengers by Bhikkhu Sujato

The Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation, by Mahathera Henepola Gunaratana

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