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the Great Western Vehicle

PALI R E S O U R C E Guide

for the Study of the, Tipitaka, Pali Language and Literature

By the contemplative recluse monk Sotapanna Jhanananda (Jeffrey S, Brooks)

Updated 04-23-05

Regardless of whether one is a Buddhist or from some other religion a study of the Pali canon can only enhance one's spiritual journey.  The Pali Canon is reputed to be a record of the spoken word of the historic Buddha, Sidharta Gotama (c 563-483 BCE).  It is at least the oldest extant document of the words that are attributed to the Buddha. 

The Pali Canon is also known as the "Tipitaka" in Pali, which means the "Three Baskets." The Three Baskets were first written during the reign of King Ashoka around 250 BCE.  Therefore no other canon of Buddhist literature has a better claim of authenticity.  It may also be worth pointing out that the other canons of Buddhist literature are based upon first century CE Sanskrit translations of the Pali canon, which are called the "Tripitaka" in Sanskrit.  Thus, as the West begins to build its own canon of Buddhist literature it might as well begin with a translation of the original Pali Canon into the various Western Languages.

Western scholarship in the Pali canon began in 1850 with the work of the Finish scholar, Viggo Fausböll (1821-1908), who published the first scholarly translation of the Dhammapada. Pali studies arrived in English with the work of Robert Caesar Childers (1838-1876), who translated Viggo Fausböll 's Dhammapada into English.  In 1876 the first Pali to English dictionary was published posthumously for Childers.

F. Max Muller (1823-1900) began the translation of Pali literature into German at about the same time Viggo Fausböll was working on his Finish translations.  In 1881 Muller came to England to help found the Pali Text Society. Muller's English translation of Viggo Fausböll 's Dhammapada was published by the Pali Text Society in volume 10 of their series the "Sacred Books of the East."

From 1899 to 1910 the Long Discourses of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya) first appeared in English.  They were published in volumes 2 through 4 of the "Sacred Books of the Buddhists," and were translated by Rhys Davids and edited by F. Max Muller for the Pali Text Society.

Reading the Pali canon is an excellent way to come to understand the central concepts of Buddhism.  While the canon has a reputation for being a weighty tome, I have found it readable and accessible.  Much of it is even online at the websites below.  One must, however, keep in mind translator bias when reading translated literature, thus please examine this document:

"Exposing Translator Bias in the translation of Buddhist Literature, as revealed in a comparative analysis of 24 translations of Dhammapada Verse 372."

May you become enlightened in this very life-time,

Jhanananda (Jeffrey S, Brooks)

the Great Western Vehicle

PO Box 41795

Tucson, AZ 85717-1795

The Great Western Vehicle Archive of Ecstatic Buddhist Literature

The GWV Pali Resource Guide is available at this URL:


The Pali Canon " TIPITAKA"

On-line editions

the Great Western Vehicle master directory of translations of the Tipitaka by 24 different translators in English, Romanized Pali and Sinhala.


The Internet Sacred Text Archive


The Pali is based on the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka Series. Sinhala is the A.P. de Soyza's translations. English is by various authors often downloaded from the Internet


German and English Tipitaka, der Pali Kanon des Theraváda-Buddhismus

Vipassana Research Institute, India

The Pali Tipitaka Project. Contains the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition.

the Journal of Buddhist Ethics

The Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project (in association with) offers a free public-domain edition (ASCII text files, zipped) of the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka edition of the Tipitaka and Commentaries (in romanized Pali). Although this edition hasn't yet been thoroughly proofread, it's still a tremendously valuable resource. The (BJT) Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project entire Pali Tipitaka in Roman script, link to SLPT

CD-ROM editions

BUDSIR - Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval (Mahidol University, Thailand) is a CD-ROM containing the Thai edition of the Pali Tipitaka and Atthakatha (commentaries) in romanized script. Cost: about US$300.

Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council) Tipitaka CD (Vipassana Research Institute, India) is a CD-ROM containing the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition. It also includes the Tipitaka, Atthakatha (commentaries), and Tika and AnuTika (sub-commentaries), all displayed in seven scripts, including Roman and Devanagari. Cost: varies according to shipping destination.

Muller, F. Max: (1823-1900) "The Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 10 The Dhammapada" The Pali Text Society, Luzac & Company 1900, London. 

Or on CD from Sacred Texts.


The Sacred Books of the Buddhists

Dialogs of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya)

Translated by Rhys Davids

Vol 2,3 & 4

Edited by F. Max Muller

For the Pali Text Society

Humphrey Milford

Oxford University Press

London, 1899-1910

Or on CD from Sacred Texts.

The various volumes of the Pali Canon

in print and their Abbreviations

Digha Nikaya, DN (The Long Discourses)

Digha Nikaya, DN (The Long Discourses).

translation by Maurice Walshe.

Wisdom/Buddhist Publication Society BPS. 1996:

The Sacred Books of the Buddhists

Dialogs of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya)

Translated by Rhys Davids

Vol 2,3 & 4

Edited by F. Max Muller

For the Pali Text Society

Humphrey Milford

Oxford University Press

London, 1899-1910

Or on CD from Sacred Texts.

Digha-Nikaya 4 Volume Set (Inc Index)

In Pali language

By C.A.F. Rhys Davids

Pali Text Society


Or on CD from Sacred Texts.

Sister Upalavanna translations are at:

Thanissaro Bhikkhu translations of the Digha-Nikaya are at:

Majjhima Nikaya, MN (The Middle Length Discourses).

The Discourse of Gotama Buddha Middle Collection

New Translation in an abridged form of the Majjhima Nikaya

Taken from the Pali Text Society edition 1888-1902

Translated by David W. Evans B.A., F.L.A.

Janus Publishing Co, London 1992

Majjhima Nikaya, MN (The Middle Length Discourses).

translation by Bhikkhu Nanamoli.

Ed. Bhikkhu Bodhi. Wisdom/Buddhist Publication Society BPS

Thanissaro Bhikkhu' translations are at:

Sister Upalavanna translations are at:

Vietnamese translation by Venerable Thich Minh-Chau, Rector, Institute of Buddhist Studies, Vietnam

Samyutta Nikaya, SN (The Connected Discourses of the Buddha)

Samyutta Nikaya, SN (The Connected Discourses of the Buddha)

translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi.

Wisdom Publications. Or ATI

Thanissaro Bhikkhu translations are at:

Anguttara Nikaya, AN (The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha)

Anguttara Nikaya: The Book of Gradual Sayings, F.L. Woodward and E.M. Hare, trans. (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1994) [5 vols.]

Anguttara Nikaya, translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi and Nyanaponika Thera. Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, CA, 1997, An anthology of about one-fifth the entire Anguttara Nikaya


Thanissaro Bhikkhu translations are at:

Khuddaka Nikaya, (Udana, Sutta-Nipata & Dhammapada)

Khuddaka Nikaya page

Khuddakapatha: Handful of Leaves (Vol. 4), Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans. (Santa Cruz: Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, 2003) [1 vol.]

Udana: (Inspired utterances of the Buddha)

"The Udana: Inspired utterances of the Buddha & The Itivuttaka: The Buddha's sayings." Translated by John D. Ireland.

Buddhist Publication Society, 1998. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 1998) [1 vol.] or

Thanissaro Bhikkhu translations are at:


Masefield, P, "Udana (English), Pali Text Society

Steinthal, "Verses of Uplift" Udana (Pali), Pali Text Society

Itivuttaka: Itivuttaka: This Was Said by the Buddha,

Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans. (Barre, Massachusetts: Dhamma Dana Publications, 2001) [1 vol.] or Handful of Leaves (Vol. 4), Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans. (Santa Cruz: Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, 2003) [1 vol.]


Suttanipata: The Group of Discourses (2nd ed.), K.R. Norman, trans. (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 2001) [1 vol.]

Saddhatissa, Dr. H., "The Sutta-Nipata" Curzon Press 1985..

Thanissaro Bhikkhu translations of the Sutta-Nipata

Norman, K.R. "Group of Discourses (Sutta Nipata), 2nd Ed", Pali Text Society

Smith, Helmer, "Suttanipata Com" 3 Volume Set (w/ Index), Pali Text Society

PTS "Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 10"The Dhammapada, Translated from the Pâli by F. Max Müller and the Sutta-Nipâta, Translated from the Pâli by V. Fausböll, Oxford, the Clarendon Press [1881]


Looking at Translator Bias in the translation of Buddhist Literature,

A comparative analysis of 24 translations of Dhammapada Verse 372

Bancroft, Anne, The Dhammapada, Element, Massachusetts, 1997

Banerjee, Nikunja Vihari, The Dhammapada, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, 1989

Brahmavamso, Ajahn, The Jhanas, Buddhist Fellowship, Singapore

Brooks, Jeffrey S. (Jhanananda), Great Western Vehicle website, 2004:

Bryom, Thomas, The Dhammapada, Wildwood House, London, 1976, 1979

Buddhadatta, A.P. (Ambalangoda Polvatte, (1887-1962), Dhammapadam: an anthology of sayings of the Buddha, The Colombo Apothecaries Co, Ltd, Colombo, Ceylon,

Buddhaghosa, Buddhist Legends, Pali Text Society, London, 1969 [c. 1921]

Burlingame, E.W. "Buddhist Legends vol. 1-3"

Pali Text Society. Oxford. PTS.


Carter, John Ross and Palihawadana, Mahinda,The Dhammapada, Oxford University Press,  New York,1987

The Dhammapada, translated from the Pali to Tibetan by dGe'dun Chos-Ôphel, then from Tibetan to English, Dharma Publishing, 1985

Fausböll , V. (Viggo), 1821-1908, Tipitaka. Suttapitaka. Khuddakanikaya. Jataka. English, Selections, Trubner, London, 1880, Translated by Childers.

Kaviratna, Harischandra, Tipitaka. Suttapitaka. Khuddakanikaya. Dhammapada. English & Pali, Theosphical University Press, 1980, Pasadena, CA

Lal, P., The Dhammapada, translated from the Pali, Farrar, Straus & Groux, New York, 1967

Muller, F. Max: (1823-1900) "The Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 10 The Dhammapada" The Pali Text Society, Luzac & Company 1900, London.  Or on CD from Sacred Texts.

Narada, Thera, "Dhammapada: The 423 classic profound sayings."

Buddhist Missionary Society, 1978 available from Pariyatti Books) [1 vol.]


Neuman, Karl Eugene, Der Wahrheitspfad. Leipzig: Verlag von Veit, 1893; 2nd ed. Dhammapadam. Munich, 1921; 3rd ed.,1949.

Radhakrishnan, S. (Sarvepalli), 1888-1975, Tipitaka. Suttapitaka. Khuddakanik_aya. Dhammapada. English & Pali, Oxford University Press, 1996, c1950, Reader in Sanskrit, Osmania Univeristy, Hyderabad India, 1976

Raja, Kunhan, C. Dr., "Dhammapada Pali text in Devanagari with English Translation," The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras 20, India, 1956, 1984

Rajnish "Osho,"  "the Dhammapada, the way of the Buddha," Rebel Publishing House GmbH, Cologne, West Germany, undated. Page 109, volume 11.

Ramacandrudu, Pullela, Dr. Sri,Tipitaka. Suttapitaka. Khuddakanik_aya. Dhammapada. English & Pali. Pullela Subblakshmi, Hyderabad, India, 1976

Samahita, "Dhammapada," Cypress Kuti, Gangamulla, Knuckles Valley, Bambarella, Thawallanthana, SRI LANKA.

Sara, Wergoda, Treasury of Truth, Illustrated Dhammapada, Buddha Educational Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan, 1993

Sparham, Gareth, The Tibetan Dhammapada, Mahayana Publications, New Delhi, India 1983

Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff): Dhammapada: A Translation, trans. (Barre, Massachusetts: Dhamma Dana Publications, 1997);

Tin, Daw Mya, the Dhammapada, A reprint of Burma Pitaka Association Publication 1986, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi, 1990.

Wagiswara, W.D.C and Saunders K.J., The Buddha's "Way of Vertue" A translation of the Dhammapada from the Pali Text. John Murray, London, 1912, 1920, 1927

Abhidhamma Pitaka

A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma. General editor:

Bhikkhu Bodhi

A Manual of Abhidhamma Being Abhidhammattha Saïgaha of Bhadanta Anuruddhˆcariya Edited In The Original Pˆli Text With English Translation And Explanatory Notes By Nˆrada Mahˆ Thera, Published By the Buddhist Missionary Society, 123, off Jalan Berhala, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Publication of the Buddhist Missionary Society,  First edition 1956 Buddhist Publication Society, 1993). [1 vol.]

An interesting article on Abhidhamma by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff):

Nina van Gorkom's Abhidhamma Vipassana

Dhammasangani: Buddhist Psychological Ethics, Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids, trans., 3rd ed. (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1993) [1 vol.]

Patthana: Conditional Relations, Ven. U Narada, trans. (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1993) [2 vols.]

Pali language learning resources

A Guide to Learning the Pali Language (Access to Insight, USA).

All Things Pali Discussion Group, a Yahoo! group, has some very knowledgeable and helpful members who can help you with your Pali studies. A most valuable resource.

Andy's Pali Page hasa number of useful resources for the study of the Pali Language and grammer

BuddhaNet (downloadable PDF document)

Elementary Pali Course by Ven. Narada Thera is available from several sources:

the GWV P A L I Language Resource Guide for the Study of the, Tipitaka, P A L I Language and Literature

Pali Language Sources and Resources (Maximilian Sendor) offers an on-line Pali dictionary, an on-line edition of Narada's Elementary Pali Course, Pali sound files, and more. Pali Language on-line course

Tipitaka.net (on-line edition)

The UK Association for Buddhist Studies (UK) has a number of useful resources, including an outline of The Contents and Structure of the Pali Canon and its Commentaries.

The University of Minnesota (USA) maintains a searchable list of institutions in North America offering academic courses in "Less Commonly Taught Languages" (including Pali).

 1. PALI:  Pali Accelerated Learning Initiative

 2. PCD:  Pali Concise Dictionary

 3.  An Elementary Pali Course

 4.  A Practical Grammar of the Pali Language

 5.  Pali Grammatical Terms

 6.  The Pali Companion

 7.  Pali Day by Day DDC

 8.  Pali Word by Word DDC

BuddhaNet List of Buddhist Studies Centres

Other Early Buddhist Literature

Theragatha, Therigatha: Elders' Verses, prose translation by K.R. Norman (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1992) [1 vol.]


"Poems by early Buddhist Monks. Theragatha translation by

K.R. Norman. Pali Text Society. PTS.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

"Poems by early Buddhist Nuns. Therigatha translation by

K.R. Norman PTS. Or ATI www:

Vimanavatthu, Petavatthu, Patisambhidamagga, Buddhavamsa, Cariyapitaka, Nettippakarana, Petakopadesa, Milindapa–ha: translations, of varying quality, are available from the PTS.

Commentaries, Dictionaries and other works of significance:


Andy's PaliWords, a 15 MB Windows 98+ Pali-English Dictionary that is based upon the Buddhadatta Dictionary. Buddhadatta, A.P. (Ambalangoda Polvatte, (1887-1962) ? Concise Pali-English Dictionary," U. Chandradasa De Silva of Ahangama, Colombo Apothecaries Co. Ltd. 1957.

Andy's PaliWords, an English-to-Pali Dictionary in HTM format

Buddhadatta, A.P. 1887-1962, Concise Pali-English Dictionary, U. Chandradasa De Silva of Ahangama, Colombo Apothecaries Co. Ltd. 1957

Childers, Robert Caesar, 1838-1876, "A Dictionary of the Pali language," Rinsen Book Co., 1976, Kyoto, reprint of 1875 ed. Trubner, London

Nyanatiloka edited by Nyanaponika, "Buddhist Dictionary," third revision, Buddhist Meditation Centre, Singapore. 1991

Nyanatiloka Mahathera, "BUDDHIST DICTIONARY and TIPITAKA

Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines, A German proper-work" by. BPS 1997 or on der Pali Kanon des Theraváda-Buddhismus.

Rhys Davids, T.W., FBA, D. Sc., Ph.D.,L.L.D., D. Litt. And William Stede, Ph.D. editors. (PTS & U. of Chicago, USA) The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary online, Published by the Pali Text Society', By Luzac & Company 1966, London

Early Royal Patronage

King Ashoka in 250 BCE

the Greek king Menander of Bactria

"The Questions of King Milinda." 1st century AC.

By N.K.G. Mendis

Buddhist Publication Society, 1997





Early Commentaries

"The Path of Freedom: Vimuttimagga." Simple, direct yet

profound meditation manual by the Arahat Upatissa from

Sri Lanka. Written ~ 1st century BC. Translated by NRM

Ehara, Soma Thera, Kheminda Thera. BPS. 1995.

"The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga."

Written by Buddhaghosa in 5th century AC.

translation by Bhikkhu Nanamoli.

BPS Pariyatti Editions, February  2003

"Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma"

Ed. Bhikkhu Bodhi.

BPS Pariyatti Editions, 1999

Translation by Anuruddha's Classic manual on the difficult yet rewarding ancient philosophical psychology of the Buddha. Well explained & containing 48 maps and the Pali source text: Abhidhammattha Sangaha.

Contemporary Commentaries

"Mindfulness of Breathing" Classic Anapanasati meditation

manual of the root texts translated by Bhikkhu Nanamoli.

Buddhist Publication Society. 1998.

"Way of Mindfulness" Soma Thera's Classic Vipassana manual which is highly recommendable as the classical commentary to the Discourses on Foundation of Mindfulness is translated

here. BPS 1981.

"The Buddha's word on Kamma" translated by Bhikkhu Nanamoli. Wheel publication 248/249, BPS.

"The Practice of Loving-Kindness (Metta)" Translated by

Ñanamoli Thera. The Wheel Publication No. 7

The Discourse on Right View The Sammaditthi Sutta and its Commentary.  Translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Ñanamoli Ed. Bhikkhu Bodhi Wheel 377/379

For information of publishers 7 free Dhamma texts:

See Bookmark Links on the Buddha-Direct website:

"Understanding Right Meditation (samma-samadhi)"

by Sotapanna Jhanananda (Jeffrey S, Brooks)

Early Buddhist Research:

The British Library/University of Washington

Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project

a unique collection of fifty-seven fragments of Buddhist manuscripts on birch bark scrolls, written in the Kharosthi script and the Gandhari (Prakrit) language that were acquired by the British Library in 1994. The manuscripts date from, most likely, the first century A.D., and as such are the oldest surviving Buddhist texts, which promise to provide unprecedented insights into the early history of Buddhism in north India and in central and east Asia.

Beyond the Tipitaka: A Field Guide to Post-canonical Pali Literature, by John Bullitt (2002; 47k/12pp.) An overview of the Tipitaka commentaries, sub-commentaries, and other classical Theravadan non-canonical texts.

Books available free of charge

Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation (Taiwan). This organization reprints and distributes free Dhamma books from many Buddhist traditions, including Theravada.

 Write to:

 Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation

 3F, 55, Sec.1, Hang-Chow S. Road


 Taiwan, ROC

 Tel: +886 2-2395-1198

 Fax: +886 2-2391-3415

Dhamma Dana Publications (USA is dedicated to bringing the Buddhist tradition to America by making high-quality books on Buddhist teachings available for free distribution. Recent offerings include: Dhammapada: A Translation and Itivuttaka: A Translation.

Write to:

 Dhamma Dana Publications

 c/o Barre Center For Buddhist Studies

 149 Lockwood Road

 Barre, MA 01005


 Tel: +1 978-355-2347

 Fax: +1 978-355-2798


Great Western Vehicle

Early Vedic and Buddhist Literature Resources


Inward Journey Books (Malaysia). Inward Journey offers a growing catalog of free Dhamma books by such authors as Nyanaponika Thera, Sayadaw U Silananda, and Francis Story.

 Write to:

 Inward Journey Books

 c/o Sunanda Lim Hock Eng

 Peace House, 356V Lengkok Pemancar

 11700 Gelugor



Metta Forest Monastery (USA). The monastery distributes free books from the Thai forest traditions, including translations of teachings by Ajaan Lee, Upasika Kee, Ajaan Fuang, and Ajaan Suwat, as well as books by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Write to:

 Metta Forest Monastery

 P.O. Box 1409

 Valley Center, CA 92082


Sati Center for Buddhist Studies (USA). The Sati Center distributes copies of Handful of Leaves, an anthology of sutta translations by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

 Write to:

 Sati Center for Buddhist Studies

 P.O. Box 2021

 Santa Cruz, CA 95063-2021


 Tel: +1 415-646-0530

Wat Pah Baan Taad (Thailand) is the forest monastery of Ajaan Maha Boowa. The website provides a list of free books by Maha Boowa, many of which are available upon request in both print and electronic formats.

 Write to:

 Wat Pah Baan Taad

 Baan Taad

 Ampher Meuang

 Udorn Thani 41000


Wisdom Audio-Visual Exchange (Malaysia). WAVE has an extensive catalog of Dhamma books for free distribution, with titles by such authors as Ajaan Lee, Ajaan Chah, Mahasi Sayadaw, and many others. WAVE welcomes donations to sponsor publication of new books or to reprint old titles. Write to them for a catalog of current titles.

Write to:

 Wisdom Audio-Visual Exchange

 c/o Mrs Lim Tay Poh

 No. 2, Jln Chan Ah Thong

 Off Jln Tun Sanbanthan

 50470 Kuala Lumpur


Books for sale

Buddhist Cultural Centre (Sri Lanka). The Buddhist Cultural Centre is a nonprofit distributor of Buddhist books. Their catalog includes an unusual and wide-ranging selection of books, many of which are impossible to find in the US.

 Write to:

 Buddhist Cultural Centre

 125, Anderson Road



 Sri Lanka

 Tel: +94 1-734256

 Fax: +94 1-736737

Buddhist Publication Society (Sri Lanka). The BPS is a nonprofit publisher of books on Theravada Buddhism, with an excellent international mail-order service. Their current international mail-order catalog is available from their website. The BPS runs the Nyanaponika Dhamma Dana Project, which distributes free copies of BPS publications to libraries and schools. Publications from the BPS are distributed in the Americas (North and South) by Pariyatti and in Europe by Wisdom Books. (You may read a selection of titles from the BPS right now.)

Write to:

 Buddhist Publication Society

 P.O. Box 61

 No. 54, Sangharaja Mawatha


 Sri Lanka

 Tel: +94 81-223-7283 & 81-223-8901

Fax: +94 81-222-3679

         Dharma Publishing (USA).

 Write to:

 Dharma Publishing

 2910 San Pablo Ave.

 Berkeley, CA 94702


 Tel: +1 510-548-5407 & 800-873-4276

 Fax: +1 510-548-2230

Maithri Publications (Sri Lanka) has an unusual selection of books on Theravada Buddhism, many of which are usually hard to find outside Sri Lanka.

Pali Text Society (UK). Since its founding in 1881, this nonprofit organization has been the world's preeminent publisher of texts from the Pali Canon. The PTS offers a hardbound edition of the complete Tipitaka in romanized Pali, and most of the Tipitaka in English translation. Some of their translations of key texts are now very badly out of date, and have been superseded by more fluent translations from other publishers (for example, their translation of the Digha Nikaya dates back to 1899.

Write to:

 Pali Text Society

 73 Lime Walk


 Oxford, OX3 7AD


 Tel: +44 865-742125

 Fax: +44 865-750079

Pariyatti (USA) (formerly Pariyatti Book Service) is a nonprofit bookseller with a large on-line catalog of books on Buddhism and meditation from various publishers. Pariyatti is the official North American distributor for the Buddhist Publication Society and the Pali Text Society.

Write to:


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Wisdom Books (UK). Wisdom Books is a for-profit publisher and distributor of Buddhist books and is the official European distributor for the Buddhist Publication Society.

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Wisdom Publications (USA). Wisdom is a nonprofit publisher and distributor of Buddhist books, including several important modern translations of the Digha, Majjhima, and Samyutta Nikayas.

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Web Dialogs for the Study of Pali Language and Literature

Buddha-Direct a tool to share early true Buddha-Dhamma

BUDDHAS_GARDEN This group and chat room is for all people interested in Buddhism and all traditions of Buddhism are welcome.

Buddhadhamma discusses the Teachings of the Buddha, in particular the Theravada school, with an emphasis on Suttas.

All Things Pali Discussion Group

Dhamma Discussion Group discusses the Buddha's teaching as recorded in the discourses in the Pali Canon.

DAYA Dhamma Discussions is a forum for discussion of all issues related to the Dhamma

dhamma-list is a constructive and inspiring list for all who're interested in Buddhism

Discourses_of_the_Buddha A Great Western Vehicle dialog group dedicated to the Discourses of the Buddha

Dhamma Study Group A discussion forum for anyone interested in understanding the Buddha's teachings as found in all three baskets of the Tipitaka

Insightpractice This group will discuss the practice of insight (vipassana) meditation and its application to everyday life

DSList Dhamma Studies List is a forum for those interested in all aspects of the sasana taught by the Buddha especially as recorded in the Theravada Tipitaka and ancient commentaries

This document was compiled from numerous Web sources including Buddha-Direct and Access To Insight by Sotapanna Jhanananda (Jeffrey S, Brooks), and is available at this URL:


May you become enlightened in this very life-time,

Jhanananda (Jeffrey S, Brooks)

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